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Get Summer Ready with Laser Hair Removal

While winter in South Florida may not seem extremely cold, it might be a season where you don’t show as much skin as you usually do. But summer is just around the corner, which means looking into hair removal processes, which can sometimes be extremely painful.
Laser hair removal is the ideal choice when you’re considering long-term hair removal that doesn’t take a lot of effort. Here is how you can get ready for summer with the help of laser hair removal:

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Unwanted hair can cause stress and anxiety, especially when you don’t always have the means to get rid of it immediately. Many men and women spend a considerable amount of time removing unwanted hair, and the process can completely be eliminated with laser hair removal.

Pulses of laser light focus on hair follicles to completely destroy them through laser hair removal. Once the hair follicle is destroyed, hair growth is usually delayed for a long time or completely stops. To get the full benefits of laser hair removal, you will need to come for multiple sessions.

What Should I Know About It?

Unlike many other hair removal processes, laser hair removal is completely safe to do on most body parts, including the bikini area and underarms. It is comparatively fast and painless for most people. When you’re working with an expert for laser hair removal, you will feel more relaxed and hardly feel anything.

If you have tattoos anywhere on your body, it is best not to get laser hair removal done in that area. Informing your technician beforehand ensures that they don’t go near that area. Many others opt to get body sculpting and facials along with laser hair removal.

When To Get It?

While winter in South Florida doesn’t lead to freezing temperatures, it is still the best time to opt for laser hair removal. To get a laser hair removal, you must:

  • Wait at least six weeks after a tan
  • Wait six weeks after any hair removal process, like using hair removal cream or waxing

You must also avoid direct sunlight on the area that has undergone laser hair removal for at least six weeks. Since winter is the coldest in South Florida, all these conditions can be met without any problems. Getting laser hair removal in winter also ensures you have enough time to recover before showing some skin in summer!

How Does It Work?

As mentioned before, a laser hair removal machine will destroy the hair follicle at its source. After one session, you will notice that hair grows back slowly and thinner than before. Through repeated sessions, these thin hairs will completely stop growing, and you won’t need any other hair removal treatments.

Ideally, most people get three to six sessions depending on the level of hair growth and its density. Each session must be a few weeks apart, depending on your technician’s recommendation.

Looking for Premium Laser Hair Removal Services? We Can Help

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