coolsculpting for wedding

Coolsculpting For Wedding

Look Your Best On The Most Important Day of Your Life!

Is that underarm fat staring at you while you try on that beautiful strapless, corset gown? How about the love handles that seems to be accentuated even more with a satin gown? We all know how planning a wedding can be so stressful and hectic, if you’ve been dieting and exercising before the big day but still have areas of stubborn fat CoolSculpting can be the answer!

On average, CoolSculpting takes two to four months to see full results, which is why it is very important for you to start within that time frame, as timing is everything! A trained technician will assess your troubled area and perform this non-invasive procedure, so you won’t have to worry about any scars, bruising or swelling while you continue your dress shopping. Also, there is no down time so you can go straight into your daily activities without having to skip a beat.

 Why should I get CoolSculpting?

Planning a wedding can be so stressful! Many questions and concerns arise as this day must be perfect! Your frenemy will be sitting on the bleachers critiquing your every flaw, while your cousin in law who still speaks to your spouse’s ex-girlfriend, will secretly be sending photos at the reception. You want to make sure you look your absolute best! It’s not only about looking your best, it’s about feeling your best. Stress will pick at you, so why not eliminate one more stress factor. Best part of CoolSculpting? This procedure will freeze the fat cells in that area, to prevent it from coming back. Now you don’t have to diet for a whole year to see the results you desire!

 How much is it?

Of course, you have a budget for your wedding, but you also must look your best–as we all know, your mother-in-law will be providing her unwanted opinion on your every move. CoolSculpting is a fraction of the cost of any invasive procedure. Most procedures cost thousands of dollars and have a long healing process with unnecessary pain. You also risk scaring and deformities. You can expect CoolSculpting to be between $500-$700 per session, and not have half the risk, or much if any downtime. As mentioned before, the best part, the fat does NOT come back in the areas in which you have had Coolsculpting done! 

 What are the benefits of Coolsculpting?

There is little to no downtime for this non-invasive procedure  and, your fat cells will be frozen, so fat will be much more difficult to develop in the treated areas ever again. Let’s not forget, you also want to look and feel your best on your honeymoon night. CoolSculpting for wedding is the best solution for a future bride (or even bridesmaid) to be as it eliminates your targeted fat area.

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